Friday, May 6, 2011

Makeover Monday on Friday: The Sunroom Bathroom

Handy Husband and Sundae pup take a last nanna-nap on the 'about-to-be-a-bathroom' back porch... 
The back porch is walled in and frames built. 
Recycled windows and oak panelling and plumbing are installed.
Ceiling lined and floor waterproofed.  

Sunroom Bathroom finished.
We've tried to recreate each Bed and Breakfast guest-room into our idea of a dream bedroom and it's the same with all the en suite bathrooms.

A few other guest house operators in the area suggested we put in a spa bath as you can charge handsomely for a spa room (something I've never quite understood), but I've always dreamed of having a clawfoot bath (and preferably a real cast-iron one) and I was pretty sure that our kind of potential guests would feel the same.

However, when we started searching for original clawfoot baths we soon discovered that they only come in one real, old, standard size - slightly too large for the width of the bathroom we were renovating.

Instead of opting for a reproduction acrylic bath that we could fit into the room we decided to build a whole new room around the bath - turning the back porch into a spacious, open-plan bathroom.

We chose the colour of the bath to go with the rest of the bedroom (another makeover coming soon), and in the end we decided not to paint the Tasmanian Oak panels we had recycled from other parts of the house white, but leave them in all their scruffy, peeling-paint glory.

I look forward to occasional days when this room is empty so I can sneak in and have a luxurious bath. It's my favourite place to wallow.


  1. What a glorious room! Worth all that hard work :)

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  3. How gorgeous! We had an open air open plan bathroom when we lived in the NT - it was lovely.

    I adore the art decor mirror.

  4. Thanks! It is a lovely guest room and I have a plan to take it back for us to live in over the winter months. Lucy, the Art Deco mirror is one of my vast collection and I intend to devote a whole post to them any day now. x

  5. i'd go for a long clawfoot bath over a spa anytime. i get so poopy with modern day baths which are often so short that i get uncomfortable. but i always feel guilty about all that water used to fill the tub!

    kate i got my first etched art deco mirror! will show and tell on my blog soon. xxox

  6. I love the recycled timber wall. And of course the art deco mirror.
    Beth x

  7. The colour of that bath is my very, very favouritest colour in the whole wide world, I love it!

  8. I think it looks amazing. I, too, would be sneaking out to wallow in that tub.

    We have a big old enamel bath with jarrah panelling on the sides. It is huge and I adore it.

  9. Kate, it was good to see how the porch was transformed into a lovely bathroom. We especially enjoyed pampering ourselves in the clawfoot bath and pretended we were living in yester years! My lanky daughter's first comment was: Mum, for the first time I could stretch in a bath. As for us, you made the right decision. The spa is too common and probably wouldn't have blended this well with the decor.


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