Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Technologically Beaten

When we are working at 'our other job' I'm not often the camera person - Handy Husband is. But I like this photo of me behind the camera as it makes me look as though I know what I am doing in the serious technology department. Unfortunately, this isn't the case with my 'mobile communications equipment' which let me down this week, big-time. 

Let me explain, by way of an excuse, for my obvious absence over these past few days. 

Last week we had to go away to do some filming for a short DVD we are making about fire ecology in the Australian bush, and it took us to some beautiful and fairly remote areas of northern NSW.  

I'd assumed that I'd be able to post the odd blog en route, but at every corner I was thwarted:  I fought with my Iphone (in need of an update); pleaded with my ailing laptop (embarrassingly big and ancient), and tried not to panic when several mountain-range cafes and B&B hosts looked bewildered by my increasingly desperate requests for wi-fi. 

Vintage Nest cafe and gorgeous shop in Bellingen. What a discovery.   
Down the mountain we found internet civilisation in this fabulous cafe pictured here. I happily unpacked the silver brick and ordered a skim-milk latte, but of course my aged laptop decided to curl up its toes and die right there and then. (Hopefully not permanently and yes it's all backed up.) 

Apart from the bloggy posting failure we had a great trip: lots of good interviews and filming with a National Parks' ranger, a grazing family, an indigenous leader, several ecologists and the NSW Rural Fire Service. We also rescued a lost mutton bird; watched sheepdogs wrangle sheep; I rode my first quad-bike (way too much fun!) and we even found a shop full of Art Deco mirrors (will post about this obsession of mine soon).  
Art Deco mirrors in 'Im Wunderland'. Another gorgeous shop in Bellingen.
Back in the B&B tonight and back in blogland.  I'm psyching myself up to the fact that it's finally time to purchase some serious new IT bling. Good thing those mirrors weren't for sale. Ouch... 

How do you keep posting if you are on the road? 



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  1. Welcome back Kate, glad to see you. Love the piccy of you and camera, very action-tastic.

    On the road I have managed to email posts from iPhone to Blogger, but not sure if that can be done to Wordpress. A dongle is the answer... Probably Telstra one. We have a 3 mobile broadband dongle bt it doesn't work at Vincentia, boo hoo.


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