Monday, May 16, 2011

Makeover Monday: The Parrot.

We had to let the stained-glass parrot go.

We replaced him with the simple, coloured-glass squares which are the right era for the house but with a fresh twist. Parrot went to live in the 'might-be-useful-in-the-future' corner of the garage.

Although I could have become fond of the parrot, his presence was just a bit too 70s and not the atmosphere we intended for our first B&B guest room.

The sliding door and mirrored walk-in-wardrobe also went and became a real (recycled) door and huge walk-in-shower (behind). Into the new void,  Handy Husband created a brilliant, invisible cupboard by literally cutting into the wall. Only downside of the secret cupboard is that sometimes guests leave all their clothes behind (!?).

I will be brief today as I lost most of last week to a mega-migraine, so I'm behind on the film editing deadline and Handy Husband had to look after me and our paying guests all weekend. (He's very handy at that too. Love him for that).

Maybe my migraine brain (like maxabella) is telling me to stop juggling so many balls and pare my life back to fewer jobs. Time to get rid of some of the useless clutter, like, maybe the old parrot, who is still sitting in the corner of our garage.


  1. I quite like the parrot. I see your point re the 70s vibe though. I think you need to relax in that gorgeous bath of yours.

    Take care.

  2. Mrs Farmer, thanks. I'm off to get into said bath now.

  3. The parrot might be happy with a little rest......but you never know.
    Your colored glass square remind me of Morocco where I used to live.
    Love your blog

  4. Thanks Elizabeth, I suspect my attachment to the parrot is permanent - given enough time I'm sure even his 70s twee will be hot again and like a phoenix he will rise...probably why we haven't sold him yet. Your blogs look stunning and I will have a long peruse when I have finished this darn film. I'm sure I would love Moroocco; I know I love NYC.

  5. The glass squares are just lovely. They look like they've always been a feature of the house.
    Beth x


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