Monday, April 25, 2011

Makeover Monday. The Sitting-room.

B&B Sitting-room before

B&B Sitting-room after 

Welcome to Makeover Monday.  I think I will (try to) dedicate my post every Monday to all kinds of makeover pictures and stories for those followers and readers who love this stuff (as I do) - and until the 'before' pictures run out. 

When we walked into this room for the first time it had a lot of dark wood and tartan furniture in it (not our kind of furniture) and there were dried flowers and lace fripperies everywhere, but we could see the great bone structure of the house: the panelling and floorboards underneath. The height of the ceilings blew us away.   

The first shot was obviously taken in the daytime and not on a very good camera - the colour of the walls used to be a pinkish-cream magnolia and now they are antique white. 

We ripped up the carpet almost straight away to reveal the wide Baltic pine floorboards, but we still haven't had them sanded back because they would be too blonde and perfect, and I love the slightly scruffy honeyed patina (also, I never have to worry about them getting scratched or marked or covered in sand).

I will post close-ups of our favourite objects (and the stories that go with them) down the line. Don't you just love the macramé wall-hanging?   



  1. Nice idea to have a regular Monday post and I am loving seeing the before and afters... I'm sure I can remember those pink walls.

    I seem to be reading and hugely enjoying blog posts today... and not writing any! Never mind, will get there in the end.

  2. Wow! What a difference.

    I LOVE your blog. Gorgeous!

  3. You're so lucky that this room has such lovely boards on the floor, walls and ceiling. I love the red and cream wooden chairs. Makeover Monday is a great idea.
    Beth xx

  4. the macrame wall hanging is absolutely smashing! ;)

  5. Looks fabulous. You are good at this, my friend. :-)

  6. Loving the boards and the white walls. Was the ceiling an odd colour before too?

  7. Thanks for all the words of encouragement. I am hugely enjoying blogging - just a bit technologically challenged trying to post as I am on the road for a couple of days(doing my other job)and my laptop is ancient and my first generation iphone won't let me do text + pics. Argh! Finally back in Latteland this morning and have found an internet cafe, so I can say thankyou and let Lucy know that the ceilings (and some walls) were sludge/khaki coloured.

  8. I like the before and after pictures. You did a great job in there! Keep it up! :)

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