Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Before and After: B&B Makeover Reveal #1

As I mentioned in my last post we have a good collection of 'before', 'during' and 'after' photos, and I intend to put some of the better B and B makeover comparisons up here.

There is nothing quite like the idea of 'Before and After': it's like a peek into the possibility of time travel.

The device is used so much on TV and in magazines because it's very effective. On video, of course, you can dissolve between images taken across hours, days, years or even decades.

We used to spend ages matching old photos (and footage) of war-torn French villages, overgrown  gardens, passe bathrooms and wannabe models - carefully lining up perspectives, noses and eye-lines - with the exact frame we were filming so we'd be able to dissolve seamlessly into the 'how-they-look-now' shots in the edit.

To aid absolute perfection there were all kinds of industry tricks involving blue-tack, tracing paper, gaffer tape, monitors and black marker pens.    

Anyway, no such complexity here. These are two shots of the main room in the B&B taken a few months apart. This is the first room we renovated and I think it shows just how transformative a coat of white paint can be. We call it the Verandah room.


  1. I think it looks absolutely gorgeous.

    Totally agree about the effectiveness of white paint.

  2. oh Kate... the before makes me shudder and makes me enjoy my last night here even more!!

    the carpet!!!!!!! what a JOB you guys have taken. and what success!!!!!

  3. it's amazing what white paint does! love the after shot, a really beautiful bedroom!
    cheryl x

  4. I love me some white paint. Is amazing. I'd like to stay in that room!

  5. Great job Kate! we loved our room and the family suite! so practical with little kids.
    I suggest you to submit your before-after shots to Grace from Design Sponge. She might be interested ;) I often see her tweets looking for this kind of things. And you guys are so good at it!!!

  6. White paint = magic! What a huge difference, and huge improvement, you made to this room!

  7. LOVE this bed. inspired me to search for a wrought iron headboard. found one! will paint it black then create a bedside table using vintage suitcases and a mirror (another idea from another creative person's blog.) thank you for the inspiration!

  8. Just beautiful. From Swedish sauna to beachside chic in one easy paint job.


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