Friday, April 15, 2011

Life in the Country #1 Morning service.

Dear Mr Neighbour,
Please don't assume I am one of those whingeing Poms or Sydney city-slickers who moves to the Australian countryside and then endlessly complains about everything.

I actually love the roo poo on the grass verge in the morning; the friendly orb spiders who spin their webs across the garden; the possums who dance on the tin roof. Even the kookaburras' chuckles are a comforting sound from my slightly aussie childhood, but please Mr Neighbour, I do have one polite question:

How long is Mr Cockerel going to be staying with his new hen harem just outside our bedroom window?

I grew up visiting villages and farms from rural Greece to Devon, where the distant dawn cockcrow was all part of the charm, so to start with I told myself that Mr Cockerel's morning boasting was adding to the rustic ambience of life in the B&B.

But that was a few weeks ago, and now it seems that the more Mr Cockerel is successful in his service, the earlier his crowing begins and the longer and louder he likes to shout about it.  

While five-am might be the perfect time to rise for some, it doesn't work for me, so please Mr Neighbour, do let me ask you this one polite question: When is Mr Cockerel going back home to his chook-farm family?

Coq au vin anyone?

Update June 2011: The cockerel has gone home and we are all sleeping well again...   



  1. Katherine, I hear you. And the coq. We have a rougue coq near us (a few blocks near) on a dilapitated old farmette...and he drives me bonkers. So I empathise. (I too grew up between Devon (and Sussex) so its a sound I am familiar with. But outside your window? Arrrgh!

    (I am a new follower, from Al over at the Pink Fibro)

  2. Thanks for the sympathy Lucy, I was beginning to think that maybe I was an unreasonable voice in the wilderness as Husband says he likes the rooster's shrieks of joy. Comes from proper farming bloodline though, does Husband.

  3. Hooray! It is with great relief that I can announce that Mr Cockadoodledoo has now left the garden. I have to admit that I was a bit morning stir-crazy when I wrote this post - it was a 'creative' version of a phone call that I'd actually had with my lovely neighbour and to his credit he acted very swiftly in sending Le Coq home. I should also mention that we did know it was a temporary affair because although we live in the country, our B&B is on the edge of the village which means that (according to a very good source) chooks are welcome, but roosters are officially outlawed. Now I know why...

  4. Hi Katherine, I have had this problem in the past with a neighbour, but this rooster was crowing at two in the morning. Just shocking!!! Anyway, our neighbour wasn't so accommodating and the council was called in to rectify the problem. For some reason it didn't bother them that the rooster crowed all night. Well we since moved and so did they. Alls well that ends well. I am your newest follower. Thank-you for following mine. Leahxx

  5. Am I the only person sorry to hear that the Rooster has been removed? I am an experienced plucker and gutter and was going to offer my services as part of a collective effort which would end in a long lunch.


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