Friday, April 22, 2011

Full House

The verandah gets a workout. 
It's a strange job sometimes.

Apart from hot-cross buns for breakfast and chocolate bunnies on guests' pillows, Easter is just another busy weekend here in the B&B.

With no children of our own (a long story and one that might be told), neither of us see it as a huge sacrifice to work through long weekends and public holidays, after all, there are people all around us running cafes, waiting in restaurants, crewing the dolphin boats, campsites and supermarket checkouts.

In a village like this there is a great camaraderie with other 'tourist operators' many of whom, like us, put their shoulders to the wheel right through the season, but we all know that in a few weeks when the bay is less busy, we will catch up over coffee and catch up on lost sleep. Maybe even take a few days off and stay in a B&B ourselves.

It's a strange way to earn a living but in many ways it's like other jobs I've done (and sometimes still do) -  especially making TV and attempting to write. It's all about connecting with people, drawing them into your version of the world - giving them a fantasy place to dream, escape and recharge - and maybe even inspiring them with a glimpse into a life lived slightly differently.

There is plenty of job satisfaction too. We actually see people soften. Often quite fractious and stressed on arrival, their whole demeanour changes visibly by the time they leave: they're smiling, refreshed and grateful, and that feels good, it really does.

So have a wonderful Easter weekend everyone, whatever you are doing...


  1. looks like a great place to stay. how far from sydney are you?
    cheryl x

  2. Yesterday I had to do a round trip of 90 kms to drop off a toaster and a dvd player to 2 of my holiday houses. A friend who works in property herself thought I was mad "no real estate agent would do that on Good Friday".
    That's just part of being in the tourism industry... and I'll be popping down to Husky next week for a coffee with you, Kate!

  3. Hey Catherine, love a post seasonal-insanity coffee. Recognise the photo?

  4. I love the long table with the wine bottles and mismatched chairs - it looks like it could be in Italy or France. We holiday-let three properties so I know how you feel! We're just about to go to a one-day changeover now!
    Beth xx


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