Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Time Capsule

Every time we pull a section of wall down or some floorboards up, my secret hope is that we will find a time capsule. Maybe I read too many 'Famous Five' books as a child, but whenever we reveal a new void I am bitterly disappointed that it contains only carpentry, cobwebs and musty emptiness.

I know there are unlikely to be trapdoors behind bookshelves or secret chambers filled with decaying diaries, but surely a nearly-one-hundred-year-old house should have a decent discovery somewhere in its innards?

We once found a yellowing newspaper stuffed into a roof cavity and fell on it with glee. Would it be from the day they landed on the moon? The day Kennedy died or Diana got married? But no, it was just a dull TV guide from a few years ago.

Seeing my overly romantic hopes so regularly dashed, Husband suggested we create some excitement for future renovators and seal the occasional item of curiosity between our newly insulated, sound-proofed  walls. And no - I'm not telling you what or where - but I will say that it makes me feel strangely delighted to think that one day there could be a couple like us, punching out walls and pulling down ceilings, who might be intrigued by the odd surprise we have stashed.

What would you put into a time capsule?


  1. Hello, I'd put in a bag of Revels as anyone would love to find a cache of those, plus photos of the family and a wee story about the house and ourselves. But drat and bother, all our renos are done!

  2. Great post. I think I'd put a Ped Egg in there. So that couples from the future could ponder...

  3. Wow, sounds like you've embarked on an amazing project. I expect it'll be hard work but I hope it brings you lots of happiness and excitement.

  4. i think i'd be game enough to put a letter with a story of the house, as you planned it, the trees and flowers you put into the garden, the colours you painted the house, the first time you walked into the house... and the smells you loved most about the house at the time of writing :)


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